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The Alignment Process

It begins with the most valuable open-ended question you can ask your team:
"What are our most important objectives?"

Holometrics scientifically measures organizational alignment with key objectives and values.
Rich data visualizations customized from your initiatives give you
"long-range radar" to navigate the success of your most important goals.

Our five-step alignment process helps your leadership team keep that elusive and powerful
"on the same page" feeling you might expect from a 3-day strategic off-site,
all from an online, asynchronous process that takes less than 20 minutes for each team member to complete.

Your organization or department may qualify for a complimentary initial HOLOGRAPH
with data visualiztion designed to raise the right issues and propose actionable solutions.

Contact Holometrics for a quick conversation to find out.

Predicting The Outcomes of Your Initiatives: 5 Steps

Choose Team

1 Designate which leaders will collaborate on prioritizing your most important strategic initiatives. This can be your executive team, a cross functional team, or any other committed group of leaders -- usually 3 to 8 people.


2 Each team member describes their most imporant strategic initiatives in their own words, and then votes on the collective prioritization of each possible initiative. You can review, approve or edit the final results before publishing.


3 Once your priorities are ready to be published, Holometrics surveys all the employees, board members, customers, or partners engaged in the top initiatives (takes 15 minutes).


4 A unique graphic overview lets you instantly see the areas of greatest risk and greatest strength. In a detailed drill-down, you can pinpoint issues with respect to each strategic initiative in seven domains of alignment across five different contexts, by cohort of business function.


5 Benchmark your Holograph results against other organizations, gain remarkable insight, and orient your efforts in your live debrief meeting. Get accurate predictions and actionable recommendations for change from an alignment expert.

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Find Out if Your Organization Qualifies for a Complimentary Initial Alignment Holograph Now

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By the numbers

In a poll of over 20,000 executives and business leaders, over 70% viewed team alignment as more significant success factor than proven strategy or a culture of innovation.

What is the most important factor in business results?
  • STRATEGY 41%
  • CULTURE 37%
Holometrics aggregated measurements:
  • Actual Team Alignment 48%
  • Minimum Desired Alignment 74%
  • Average Alignment Corresponding To Achievement 87%

The Holometrics process was one of the most valuable things we've done as a management team. - Ron Bodkin, CEO

Every employee, not just the senior people, should know how a company is doing.
- Jack Welch, CEO

Sustaining high business performance is the product of continuous strategic alignment.
- Med Yones, President


It is alarming, though not surprising, that the average measured alignment in companies participating in Holometrics surveys is only 48%; and that the average measured alingment on teams that consistently meet or exceed objectives is 87%. Until now executive alignment has been felt and sometimes discussed - but rarely measured or understood.

One reason alignment is so elusive for most executive teams is that it is usually thought of in terms of peer-to-peer agreement on direction and priorities. This peer agreement is only one of five different contexts for alignment in an organization. Without addressing the other contexts, a company can (and often will) work on alignment without making progress.

Measuring alignment in five seperate contexts allows us to present a holographic view of the attitudes and assumptions surrounding each strategic initative. Once understood, the obstacles to execution can be clearly seen and removed in the context in which they exist. Each context is represented by a ring in the Alignment Holograph, shown here.


The HOLOGRAPH Predicts Business Results By Measuring These Contexts: The Holograph


Against These Criteria For Alignment:


Contact Holometrics now to measure your alignment.

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The Team

  Good science is best accompanied by great art, and great art requires great artists. To make sure you get the most out of your Alignment HOLOGRAPH, we've got experts on hand who understand business and cultural dynamics, and are sensitive to the challenges of leading top performing organizations. We are ready to work with you in person or via teleconference.
  Become A Qualified Alignment Specialist

The best talent seeks to align with both success and universal values


Global business requires attunement to global talent -- and that means promoting and expressing deeper values beyond financial results. This is essential to harness the power of real inspiration.


Use the Alignment HOLOGRAPH to measure organizational alignment with key strategic initiatives - and then further measure the alignment between those strategic initiatives and global human values as espoused by these leading organizations.


We are helping these partners influence their member companies to strive for and adhere to global values, as well as helping those companies achieve business results consistent with their values.

Your Shared Values

Articulate and align with the most inspiring, cherished and deeply-held values of your organization.

United Nations Global Compact

“ The Global Compact asks companies to embrace universal principles and to partner with the United Nations.” --Ban Ki-Moon, Sec Gen of UN

Conscious Capitalism

Business done to maximize value for shareholders, and also for employees, customers, communities and even the whole world.

Critical Path Global

Helping businesses align with humanity's most important values and goals -- in practical and profitable terms.

Game Changers 500

Recognizing organizations that are committed to maximizing benefit to people and the planet with merit-based awards.


Become A Global Values Partner

Left QuoteIf you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.Right Quote

- African Proverb -


Become A Qualified Holograph Specialist

Welcome to the Holometrics ecosystem for qualified master consultants. We've built systems to handle everything you don't love about being an independent influencer - like unpredictable deal flow and the feeling of isolation that comes from being a thought leader. And we 'amplify your awesome' by giving you an opportunity to share and profit from your best models, modules, and practices with distinguished peers.

We are an open, collaborative community of top executive coaches, mentors, leadership consultants, organizational development professionals, and executive thought leaders. Founded on love and generosity, the ecosystem maximizes your influence as a consultant by matching you with the right business opportunities, allowing you to focus on your favorite parts of the business.

  • Qualified Leads

    Gain access to highly qualified leads, and we'll match your capabilities to the needs of the marketplace so you shine in front of the decision makers who most need your expertise.

  • Unlimited Use License

    Unlimited HOLOGRAPHS for clients and prospects so you generate fresh engagements and increase the value for existing clients. Includes access to benchmark data.

  • Passive Revenue

    Leverage your network to find hidden opportunities for yourself and others in the ecosystem, helping you make more money with big engagements. Also gracefully bridge dry periods.

  • Shared Best Practices

    Collaborate, teach and learn with the very best of organizational, leadership and strategic consultants who share your values and passion for transformation.

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